Hi guys, level 2 player about to play my champions league semi final first leg tomorrow but my opponent plays an unusual system and wondered if anyone had anything to add to the preparation i've done myself.

Firstly, here's my squad (please note: the team is set up to play what should be an easy game tomorrow, my CL starting XI will likely be the subs and reserves in this picture)

Thoughts on an unusual setup-squad1.jpg

My opponent (who's average quality is 16.9 to my 22.2) in the champions league semi plays the following formation regularly:

----ST ST ST --

To clarify, the two DCMs are in the central and left central positions, so it is slightly asymmetrical.

I've not come across anything like that before, but have done some preparation and am looking at:


or that but two MCs and two DMCs, symmetrical obviously.

I'd probably play defensively away and normal at home, short passing, own half. I'd want to either attack down the right and use Janiec (my 27 quality MR) to abuse his lack of a DML/ML or play through the centre using my 4 central mids and striker against his 2 DCMs and 1 CD.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the systems i've proposed? If they're good, do we think focusing passing through the centre or down the right flank would be more effective?

Thanks in advance for any advice