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Thread: How to play against him?!

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    How to play against him?!

    Hi , is a very important match in UCL , he's formation : How to play against him?!-untitled2.jpg

    and my formation :How to play against him?!-untitled.jpg

    And some good advice to arrows / mentality , you know ... advanced settings.

    Thank you!

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    Personally, I would spend $5 and buy some tokens, purchase some health packs and heal your MC and DL because he does have a bit of an advantage as the stronger team.

    Otherwise, with your team I would play 4-1-4-1 with red arrows on the MR/ML but not on the DL/DR as I would not want them to come forward at all with the amount of offense he has.

    Play normal, down the flanks, own half, HARD tackling, mixed passing, zonal marking with counter attacks.

    OR else go with your current formation except take the middle MC and convert to DMC to cover his AMC and allow your 4 Defense to handle his 3 ST.

    IF I were a gambling man, I would go with 3-1-4-2, red arrows on ML/MR, down the flanks.


    Regardless, I would invest in some AML/AMR as they are VERY handy against these types of formations. AND buy a better DMC. The 4-1-2-2-1 V-style is very effective against many of the currently used formations.

    Good luck