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Thread: Cup final against very strong 4-3W-1-2 opponent

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    Cup final against very strong 4-3W-1-2 opponent

    My team made it to the cup final where I am facing a much stronger opponent. I am level 6(47.7) playing against lvl 9(57.0). However...the team I am playing has never made any substitutions, even for injuries and a similar team than mine played 0:0 with the narrow diamond formation against him/her! I might have a chance if my opponent is an inactive or abandoned team!
    What formation will give me the best chance?
    I am considering 3 options:

    1. 3(N)-1-4-2

    2. 3-2-2-2-1 (Butterfly)

    3. 4-5(V)-1

    Personally I like the butterfly which I can switch to 4-5(V)-1, 4-1-4-1, 5-2-2(W)-1 or 3-4-2(W)-1 with arrows down or up.

    What does everybody here think?

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    You make nothing wrong with 4-5-1 V-style. Go for neutral or defensive mentality and counter him over the flanks. Good luck.