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Thread: need urgent help please!

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    need urgent help please!

    okay, i am a level 2 manager.
    I had a former formation 3-2-3-2
    won the league
    new budget had 1.1 mil, bought a ML to try the new formation i had in mind: 3-5-2.
    now the problem is, I have only 4 subs, and my team is mostly 27 years etc, so slow development except for 2-3 players who are young.
    i try to sign young players but i have 800k left and i end up in bidding wars :/
    any help? and what are the best orders/tactics for 3-5-2

    please reply!

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    Just set your best squad on the best possible positions, and set up the paramiters for tackling, passing etc.etc.
    Also you can set the little arrows (blue defending - red attaking) for players who have much space around theyr spots.
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