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Thread: How to create a counter-formation!

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    How to create a counter-formation!

    Hello managers today will be teaching my tactics to create a counter training on time, already I ask you not to forget to like and follow us on Google+ to help us.

    Notes: I will summarize in simple concepts and images that I have separated and are self-explanatory, I will use an image of another post, however, the concept does not change.

    • Always try to think of the style that your enemy throws, if you think he plays with attacking mentality, you can play defensively and use the option to counterattack, it helps you to take advantage. If he plays defensive, you should not play in the attack. I usually use very normal mentality, it is good because these variants.
    • Identify the weaknesses of your opponent, examples are his players. Example: Player him DR is very weak (2-3 stars) and its AML is very strong (5,6,7 stars). Try to abuse it to arrange the order of your players. Another example: It has 3 MCs and say that one of them MC is 6 stars and the other two 4 star, if it has organized as follows: MC (4stars) MC (4stars) MC (6 stars) try to use his players in a similar way ex : Your MC (left) try to put what has 4 stars or 5, and the player who has 6 stars attempt to put forward a player with nearby skills.
      Always try to neutralize the midfield and all enemy attackers with their defense. Example: If he has three attackers, and an AMC, try using 3 DCs and DMC, so you neutralize your every attack, and there you can lock the middle of their field too, and see which area of the field he left without players, the flanks, the middle anyway. The idea is you neutralize his attack, so their attack players are free. (One idea is to spread your players defense, look at the image below.
      How to create a counter-formation!-htcimg.jpg
    • In the picture I have listed the players so that you can understand how if you rotate the image of my team will see that the order changes, so each time you ride your counter-education make mirror mode. Look also after I Neutered both players of his sides, I put two players on my side because so I could explore the flanks while my DML / DMR hold their AML / AMR. In addition it would force its 3 defenders to spread out but they would not spread much because their functions are being DC and not DML and DMR. That is my attacker would be 1x1.
    • Remember to always use the arrows, I will explain to what they are superficial and easier to understand way. They serve for a player is high-priority in the attack or in defense, and also for them to step back down from their positions (blue arrows) or more to advance their positions (red arrows). Of to wear a blue arrow on a MC your case you need a DMC but has no will "subistituir" a DMC, superficially. In the case of the above image, I used blue arrows in DML / DMR and red arrows in my AML / AMR. Putting blue arrows in my defense, I created a way to block any attack from the flanks (because I think that was the idea of ​​my opponent) and red arrows on AMR / AMR in order to make them a "nearly" STs.

    I hope you have understood and liked, I ask that you please share with at least one friend, and follow us on Google+ and comment there what you think.

    Font: How to create a counter-formation!| How To Counter ~ Top Eleven

    Remember this is just my theory, and that works for me in most cases! I know that few people see my site then resolvir stop being selfish and shared here too!
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    How To Counter Top Eleven

    URL redirection is only fitting, it will straight to the site.

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    I agree
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