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Thread: GK Training

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    GK Training

    Hi all

    I am pretty new to this game, level 6 with 6 league wins to my name and 7th on the way (pld 19 won 19 )

    i train players every day but have found it really hard to train/improve GK, is there a secret to correct GK training

    also is it beneficial to train a player individually, i normally train by zone using all players and 5 drills

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    It depends if your GK is a fast trainer or not.
    Add to him an extra sa (one to one), and set a 5-6 drills training with condition loss about 16-18%.
    If he 'll gain +1 to his sa, he is a fast trainer.
    If he 'll gain it in the second time, ok.
    If not, don't bother to spend any extra greens to him
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