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Thread: The Captain of my FA is useless

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    The Captain of my FA is useless

    "I 'm in an association group where I became a member without knowing them
    The Captain of the team isn't active, not responding to our messages, has a lousy team, maybe stopped playing the game.
    I 'm disappointed.
    What can I do ?

    2nd scenario
    I (or another member who was captain) promote another member to Captain.
    Big mistake ...
    What can I do ?

    You can do nothing.
    You can't take the Captain-ship from a member, just leave the group.
    But if you 're ok with the other members of the team, what you can do is (as you can send messages to each other), one of you 'll leave the group, start another association group (FA) with a specific name (so you can find him even if he isn't a fb-T11 friend) , leave your FA and search the name of the new FA and join there.
    All the members will do the same and start a new career with your new FA.
    Better do it now cause it's early - many players of the game doesn't have FA yet.
    If you earned promotion to the next division, wait first to get the 2 token from that and start the new FA in the next season.

    Of course if you won a Cup, this gonna stay with the old FA
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