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Thread: A guide for the new training system :)

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    A guide for the new training system :)

    Hello everyone
    In this guide, I will show you how to train from A to Z !!
    Let's start .

    1) Normal training.( Basics )

    A. In order to train, go to training section, select players then drills and start training.
    José mourinho will show you this .

    B. Easily, you can use quick training.
    Here you can use 3 options, easy, medium and hard.
    Easy: 2 random drills
    Medium: 3 random drills
    Hard: 4 random drills.
    However, I don't recommend this. This won't give good combination for training bonuses and for attributes of players.

    C. You can also select zone. Head to 'select players' then 'select zone'.
    Here you can choose the players to train more easily and effectively. For example, you can select sub AMx and train them attacking drills only.

    D. What are the benefits of the new training system ??
    It's more logic as you won't have to improve marking and tackling for AML for example !!
    The game shows you the key attributes of players, so concentrate on them.
    Also, the new training system includes the training bonuses and this one is very very important. ( we will talk about that later.)

    E. Drills can be:
    Very easy: .75% condition loss. Easy: 1.5%. Medium: 2.25%. Hard: 3%. Very hard: 3.75%.

    F. When you do a training session, you gain training experience ( depends on number of players and total condition loss.) This experience is added to your training level. When you level up, you have three options to improve/unlock drills (attack, defence, physical.)
    When you improve a drill, your players get more effect from it.
    One whistle: normal effect. Two: 10% more. Three: 20% more. Four?? No four, it's a golden ball because you train messi and Rinaldo : 30% effect.
    Some players want to unlock all drills, then just unlock when you level up but notice that at some levels, you will have only to improve existing drills.
    I want that golden ball!!! Very easy, just improve drills in one field Attack OR defence OR physical.

    2) Power training. ( for fast trainers only if you have a lot of rest packs. )
    If you're new to this game and you don't know fast trainers, just read this guide ( made by Nik )

    A. Power training is to train your player till he reaches <30% condition then recover him with rest packs and train again in order to raise his quality or give him SA or a new position.

    B. Just select a player, select hard or very hard drills to get very high condition loss but consider using improved drills maybe with three whistles or the golden ball.
    Also, take into your consideration that putting the same drill six times in one sessions won't affect the training gaining at all but won't give you training bonuses.

    C. Fast or very fast trainers gain about 4% attributes in a 6 hard drills session or 1 point for extra position or special ability.

    D. The AMAZING GK drill !!!
    This drill gives you 'unassigned skill points' and you can assign these points by using only drill with the attributes you want.
    For instance, put this session for a fast trainer:
    5 GK drills and 1 pass go and shoot drill. You will find him gain nothing in GK drills then gain a lot in pass go drill ( although it's easy!! )
    How can you benefit??
    Maybe you want to improve your AMC the attributes: creativity, dribbling, etc. And these are only in skill drill ( very easy ) so it would take you ages to power train your player. Now, you use for example 5 sessions 6 GK drills then 1 session 1 skill drill so you can assign these skill points for the attributes you want.

    3) Training bonuses.

    A. What are training bonuses ??
    These improve your team's attack, defence, possession, and condition during matches.
    You get them by training. The max for every bonus is 10% and you lose 2% every day so you should train daily.

    B. Training bonuses, how to get.
    They depend on existence of particular players in your training sessions.
    For instance, to get:
    Attack bonus: use 4 attacking players ( they are: ST, AMC, MC, and their wingers)
    Defence bonus: use 4 defensive players ( they are: GK, DC, DMC, and their wingers)
    Possession bonus: use 4 midfield players ( they are: DMC, MC, AMC, and their wingers)
    Condition bonus: use any 8 players.
    This means the minimum players to get all the bonuses are 8.
    It doesn't differ if you use 4 attackers or 20 attackers. You will get the same progress in attack bonus as long as you use ≥ 4 attackers.

    C. How to set a good session for training bonuses??
    Well, this differs from one to another. Everyone has his style of training and combination of drills.
    However there are some principals for a successful session.
    1. Start with very easy drill especially warm up.
    2. If you want bonuses don't make very hard or easy sessions. A 10% session can get you more bonuses than the 20% one !!
    3. Don't chooses the same drill twice. ( or more )
    4. Don't set only 2 or 3 drills, you will get bonuses but with low progress.

    I hope this guide helps you with the new training system and if ever I find out new information, I will add it here
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