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Thread: Training guide and tutorial for Newbies

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    Hi Everybody, Hi PricopGeorgeCătălin,

    Hope to earn 50 tokens :-) Feel free to like the following guide... Sorry for french sentences on pictures, as I need to use it for french forum too.


    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-training.jpg

    1- « classical » Schema : valid on « Select players » and choose them. Then go into « Select exercices » and select those percentage are Worth your need. Click now on central button to « Train » your players.
    • Tips : 4 players (same zonal) or 8 players (yet with same zonal players by 4 at the minimum) = Bonus !

    2- « group » Schema : Click on « Fast/Quick (rapide in french ». Valid needed degree of training (hard, normal, light). Selection of training is automatical so it is easier...
    • Tips : By clicking on « View (aperçu in french) », you can change the selection (to organize better your ideal targeted « Bonus »)

    Button KINE : Old system version for a classical resting ! Single, group, semi or full.

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-kine-1.jpg

    You can manage to fill condition for each players at the targeted condition needed. Or you can choose asking for speed up rest condition to be retrieved. Or yet to ask to manage a full rest for everybody at the same time to the top condition !

    Button RAPIDE (Quick / fast training) : for a groups' training ideal and customisable (you can build as you want).

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-rapide-1.jpg

    In this kind of training, you have to choose between : Light, normal, intensive.Tool choose automatically full team and training. By clicking on view, you can change or add some training drills and players to be trained. You can decide to train only half your team by exemple.
    • Tips : When it is finished, you can select immediately a new training session in same condition with no changes on 1 click !

    Button BONUS : : for a training and a live match management more efficient ! Easy to see kind of bonus and what you need yet to do to optimize it.
    • Tips : Use the « Booster » in case of few timing on training or capacity to train AND save « Bonus » each day. X2 bonus evolving
    • Tips : Use the « Bonus » from the immediate live match starting and use it again immediately after the first is off. Normally 4 try a match.

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-bonus-1.jpg

    Button RAPPORTS (Reports in french) : to analyze your trainings and being more efficient how to build them.
    • Tips : A perfect training will allow you to get the maximum of « Bonus » (8 players including 4 / zonal)
    • Tips : If you wanna power train your players, you can repeat this perfect training there. Fast and real advantage not to waste time.

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-rapport.jpg

    Button SELECTION JOUEURS (Select players in french) : to select players wanted only to be trained (alone, by group, full team or zonal).

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-joueur-1.jpg

    Button SELECTION ENTRAINEMENTS (Select trainings): : to choose kind of training wanted (Attack, Defense, Physical and moral)

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-entrain-1.jpg

    Button APERCU (View) : to check if training is which you really wanna do and if necessary to readapt it.

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-view.jpg

    Button ENTRAINEMENT (Training) : to start the training !!!

    Training guide and tutorial for Newbies-sifflet.jpg

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    Yes I saw it... and now solved it. It needs to use .JPEG and not .PNG

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