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Thread: 4-4-2 ND orders and arrows

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    4-4-2 ND orders and arrows

    Sup guys, been tired of playing with 4-5-1V cuz I've been losing really easy games, and I want to change to the 4-4-2 ND. Can someone give me some tips and the orders/arrows for this formations?

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    1) attacking mentality
    focus passing : middle
    passing style : Short
    conter attack : OFF
    pressing : High
    tackling : normal
    marking : Zonal
    offside trap : ON
    **Put red arrow on your AMC. (But if opponent has DMC, your AMC will fail for sure)
    **if your opponent has AMC, put blue arrow on your DMC so your DMC will always keep on eye on that AMC
    **if you want to put red arrow on your DL/DR, maybe you need to change the focus passing from middle to mixed, i guess

    2) Defensive mentality
    focus passing : Middle
    passing style : mixed
    counter attack : ON
    pressing : Low
    tackling : Normal
    marking : Zonal
    offside trap : OFF

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    I go for 3-2-2-3, seems to be working well for me! Even giving my the opportunity to place in younger players with lower stats and still take an easy win?!

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