For the next season, I am evaluating to move to Eiffel tower as main formation and wish to ask you experts advices

I am conscious of the potential difficulties in this schema, using 3N-2(DML-DMR)-3N-2 as main formation
(i.e. Eiffel tower could be weak against 3 strikers formations, formations with many players on midfielder line)
but I want to give a serious try for the sake of fun

Implementation of 3W-2-3N-1-1 Eifel Tower schema-piedmhf.jpg

(Main) orders that I have in mind:

Long passes (from DMC directly to attack)
Short passes
Counter ON
Low pressing
Normal contrast
Zonal marking
Offside trap

Do you have something better in mind?

For the specific roles, I have some thoughts

2 DMC: I suppose they should have high passing skills, to do better long passes. Possible special ability: playmaker (it is really useful?)

3 MCs: dribbler special ability could be useful on the left-center and the right-center midfielder?? or it is useless?

AMC: possible special ability: shadow striker (well in this schema the AMC is supposed to shot I think; if his main duties are passing to the striker, then also playmaker could be useful)

ST: possible special ability: 1vs1, but I have some doubts (it is really useful?)