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Thread: Key and Non-key Attributes

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    Key and Non-key Attributes

    I been playing this game for a long time now, and how naive have I been? wasn't until couple months back I paid attention to the 'Key Attributes' in a player, meaning I'd been getting my training all wrong - what a plonker -

    Anyway, I'm looking for a tip, in how to reduce non-key attributes for a player down to 1%, as I know it's possible, as you will see from several teams in the Association that are in top 100, they have superb players with all key attributes high and non key down to 1%, so whats the key to reducing such things?

    I'm guessing there's a way and I'm just missing it, either that or there's a cheat, which is a highly a possibility

    At present, I tend now not to train players in another position as this just adds more key attributes to their stats to work on, if that makes sense

    Any help would be great, you can find me on facebook,

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    There are a couple of ways to reduce the grey skills of a player down to 1%.
    1. The fair way: You buy a player. You train the player with drills which will increase ONLY the white skills (1-2 grey may still increase)
    You keep the player in your team for 4-5 seasons. All skills drop 20% each season and by 4th or 5th season, you get a player with high white and low grey skills.

    2. The "not-so fair" method: Refer to this post

    I have been following the first method for quite a few seasons.
    Won my first treble last season with a team which has been together for 5 seasons now (atleast most of the players)
    If you want to train only white, check the training tool provided in the forums.
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