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Thread: Buying 119% player before end of season

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    Buying 119% player before end of season

    Hi all,

    I was recommended a new 119% goal keeper the eve of my Europa League Cup Final. I didnt buy him yet and of course my current 128% level keeper shat the bed and i lost in penos. The new signing is 19 years of age whilst my current is 23. I was kind of looking to replace my current because he raaaaarely gets a rating above 7 in any competitions. This new keeper seems like he may have the pedigree to be a fast trainer but will effectively start at 99% next season. Do you think I should splash the cash on him and gamble that he is a star in the making or wait until next season and look to the transfer market for a slightly older but higher rated player?

    Also, if i go with him, and he ends up rating up fast, is the best way to train him individual training with repeated defensive and goal keeping sessions or is there more to fast training than just powering through heaps of individual sessions?? Individual training is one of the aspects of the game I havent looked in to yet.

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    I suppose the question is moot now, since new season is already on. Still, even if he was a star in the making, 79t for a 99% doesn't make sense.

    You'd do better to buy one of negotiations for about 15 - 25t (offer 3 - 5t to the buyer) & train him up. Unless you get another reco for the position & are willing to wait. Your 24 yo 108 GK can make do till then.

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    dont buy scout players ... never

    use the 79 tokens to buy 4-5-6 amazing young 18 years players next season
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    I've had your exact same quandry finding a promising replacement at the end of the season. I ended up rolling the dice and it worked out in my favour both times. One happened to be a keeper who made a huge difference. GK ratings went from 5-6-7 to 7-8-9s straightaway. If your keeper is mediocre it will cost you more than at any other position. Head to head my old keeper who was around 125% was doing worse near the end of the season than my new scout keeper who went down to 95% the following season.
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    Scouts earned me many trebles so I think everyone is free to do what he likes. From my point of view, it's even more ridiculous to spend hours watching the 4 minute clock just to have the chance to see the player you want. Then, to fight like mad to buy him and later, to spend hours winning greens and power training him. My 69 tokens save me time I can spend with my friends and family instead.
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    Recommended players are different from scouts since they are younger and can be trained faster. Scouts especially attacking players are actually a good solution to occupy a position for the next 3 seasons or so. I agree with gizzmo.
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