Well my favourite system is 3W-2(DMC)-2W-1-2

Due to low level and funds i donot have players on DML/DMR, just 1 MC and no AMR/AML.
I know, it's not a great arsenal but i am amazingly ready for season 3

In my second season i tried to focus on the previous system and few alterations depending my opponent.

Tomorrow is my cup final against a 4-3W (ML-MC-MR)-1-2, pretty much same power, he is slighty worse but just 5-10% (100% - 92%)

Right now I am thinking on playing a 4-1-2W-1-2, up arrows to the ML/MR

About tactics, I think of attacking, focusing down the flanks, long passes, low pressure, medium tackles,no offside trap and no counter attacks

Any objections or advice.
Any other ideas.

Sorry for the lack of photos or clear formations, but i am on phone and i have not get used to the forum yet.
Thank you people :P