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Thread: Possible unmanaged team buffing squad??

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    Possible unmanaged team buffing squad??

    Hi all,

    Wondering if any of you have come across this. I had a game against a team that was 2nd to bottom this morning. He had notched just two wins and was pretty much a mess. As of last night my squad strength was 107% and his was 71%. I didnt pay him much mind because upon looking at his squad two of his starters were on red cards for my match and none of his 3 substitute players (all he had was a total 14 players) were in the needed position. Figured it would be a romp. Shortly before the game started i logged in and noticed that he was now 91% strength and had 7 substitutes, none of which were on red. I managed to edge him out 2-1 but felt very fortunate. It was like i narrowly avoided an ambush. So my question to you lot is, does Nordeus refill a squad if it has a shortage of subs and multiple red carded players? I want to think that the manager just happened to come along and sell some players and refill his squad but that doesn't make much sense.

    1. Can you sell players who are on a suspension?

    2. What would be the logic of leaving your team to rot all season to replace right at the end of the season when its of no benefit? Is there some kind of warning you get from Nordeus that if you don't replenish your squad you will get the sack from the server or something?

    Thanks all!

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    You can sell players with red card or injured.
    Nordeus does not refill squads neither sends warnings.
    The player you mentioned probably waked up really angry
    or he is a friend of a team that chase you in the league.

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    Clever little bastards I am equal on points but ahead on differential against an active player sooooooo maybe you're right.

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    i think he just start become tanker this season, he just active for association match only,

    and that is why he suddenly active on weekend and refill his player, he will not leveling up for next season and his players also will not loosing the stars.

    and he just wait until the end of season to bid any 5~6 stars player at auction where now is actually the right time he can win the auction easily with less token used. because very less people join the auction bidding war now.

    so, it quite unlucky because the league schedule for you and he happen on the weekend.

    but you still win anyway.

    i also having some problem with those tankers. there are 2 strong tanker in my league, about 125%,

    but they just make their formation really a mess so they will easily get beaten and keep on the bottom in the league.

    but when it come to weekend, they will immediately form a 4-4-2 with correct position of each player and become very strong team (7 stars, almost 8 stars),

    and i always facing them in weekend for league match, seems unfair for me because i need to work hard to beat them while everybody in the the league can beat them easily.

    but, i manage to beat them all by using motivated 4-5-1 V even overall my players quality is just 6 stars.
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