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Thread: Is 4 5 1a good formation?

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    Question Is 4 5 1a good formation?

    So i like playing using 4-5-1 flat Is it a good formation

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    I have used it for one entire season and in my experience it wasn't good. In that type of formation you better have ML and MR that score a lot of goals because the ST is all alone with no one close to him. It is good in cup games I guess when you need to control the match and hope for a minimal victory but I like my team to score more goals and this formation did not help with that. I remember putting an arrow up in my Centre MC and he scored a lot of goals that season. Another thing I noticed is that the 2 other MC's did not perform well and their rating was always 6.9 but in other formations they would have higher ratings. I suggest changing the center one with an AMC a second ST or a DMC.
    Of course it also depends on the players you currently have and if you are having good results don't change a thing. Just keep a player as a reserve that can change the formation quickly.