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Thread: Help with tactic.

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    Help with tactic.

    Hi, How can I improve my tactic? Aswell as the attack and defense tactis? What must my style must be and how can it be counter?

    Will be really helpfull if someone can help.

    Thank youHelp with tactic.-screenshot_20170925-203752.jpgHelp with tactic.-screenshot_20170925-203808.jpgHelp with tactic.-screenshot_20170925-203915.jpg

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    hello martin, there is no single tactic or formation or arrows order that can beat any of opponent tactic. it depends on your opponent tactic and yours also,

    it may work for some tactic and also cannot work on others, this is where the unique of football comes. i guess i can give you a basic things you should know,

    1) If the opponent has DMC, it will give hard time to your AMC. (So, if opponent has AMC, try to block his AMC with DMC or use more DC if you don't have DMC)
    2) Try to win the midfield battle as possible if you face about equal strength opponent, means you should at least use 2 MC in normal mentality. when I facing stronger team but if they use 1 MC only with 1 AMC, i will use 1 DMC and 2 MC and I always got crucial win
    3) Using single MC is only worth if you want to play defensive with counter attack when facing stronger opponent
    4) UP/DOWN arrow means the priority orders for your player to join attack or defend, without arrow means he will play as default according assigned position
    5) The more Defender you use is the more difficult for your player to execute the offside trap.
    6) High press means your player will keep pressing the opponent all the field.
    7) Low press means your player only press the opponent when they reach at your own half only.
    8) if you use 3 MC, long pass is not worth.
    9) If you use 1 MC (usually play with defensive mentality with counter attack) long pass will make your counter attack faster
    10) if you use AMC with at least 2 MC, short pass through middle is worth it

    so, your current formation as photo can be counter easily by 4-5-1 (V-style) or 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow diamond)

    im also a beginner anyway, what im telling you above is from what i was observed every game i watched,

    i believe you can figure something better by yourself
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    I think it would help to play without arrows on the midfield.