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Thread: Help! 3-1-2-3-1 how to beat him!

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    Question Help! 3-1-2-3-1 how to beat him!

    Hello guys, i need some help here. Im playing against someone who is 5-6% quality higher than me. Give me a formation without AMR-AML-MR-ML If possible. I
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    4-3n-3, attacking, middle, long ball usually works for me against 3w-1-2n-3w-1. Some other narrow formations may work well here as well.
    4-5-1v, defensive, flanks, long/mixed usually works against 3n-1-2n-3w-1.

    Pressing is key here as well. With the 3-1-2-3-1, the thing to be weary of is that it plays best as a counterpress (which unless i'm mistaken is Total Football). It's a counter-intuitive tactic, because it combines attacking mentality with force counter and the high press. So with that being the case, being attentive to if the opponent is forcing counters or not is key. Low Press if you suspect force counters; High press if you suspect the opponent isn't forcing counters.
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    Hmm... I understood he was asking about 3DC-1-2-3-1... What would you use in that case ?
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