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Thread: Can you change the forum sections ?

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    Can you change the forum sections ?

    This is a suggestion but I put it here as it's about this part of the forum.
    First - Why you merged Formations and Tactics with Tutorials and Guides sections ?
    Now I can read in the title that I am at Forum >> Tutorials and Guides but it's full of questions about tactics.
    In the mobile forum version, is different.
    This should be two different parts.

    Second - Most of the qustions and answers about formations are useless as they are talking about DMR & DML positions which aren't exist anymore in TE 2018 version. The arrows also don't exist.
    The moves and setting of players, it's different now.

    So I suggest to freeze this section for questions about formations and start a new section with Formations and Tactics TE 2018 version.
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    I agree with you.
    When i'm on PC, I click in "Tactics and Tutorials" and then i get in "Tutorials and Guides Forum"