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Thread: How to impove team?

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    How to impove team?

    I have wondered some thing now after major updates. How to improve team?

    Take for example my AMC:
    How to impove team?-zwmgmc8.jpg

    Don't look at new players age, because I allways try to look players, whom are around 18/19 y/o and train them. That one is just because stars.

    I try to "renew" my players, when the "star gap" is > 5, but allways my hard trained player is much "better" than the player, who I supposed to buy. For Defenders % is around 30-50% better and now for attacker 30-70% better, but when I look for "team comparison" from startview I hardly never can compete with team whom has better star rating. Of cource I don't know how trained the opponent is. So I haven't been performed well in Cup or CL.

    I even sold my 27 y/o attacker and gained from him 400M all though value was 127M so people appreciate these trained one, but I didn't even manage in league, if my staraverage is 1-2 lower than others.

    Is it that you just have to buy new players or is something wrong with my tactics, usually playing with 3-1-4-1-1, with some modification against opponent.

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    really don't know how to answer to that mate

    How to impove team?-wax-.jpg

    read, read, read
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    The answer is Chinese investor

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    YOu are doing great. GOod luck