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Thread: Formation with available players?

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    Formation with available players?

    Hello everyone!

    Im fairly new to this game, and i ve been learning a lot lately, but now im facing some issues i cant seem to resolve on my own.

    Im currently a lvl 2 manager, 1st in the league, Semifinals of the cup and 16group CL at the moment.

    I ve been playing with a 4-5-1V formation (attacking, counter, mixed/long pass, Flanks, low, zonal), because my good players are the MCs, AMR/L and ST. Being the AMR/L The star players and best assets (most goals scored) of the team.

    But now i want to change to something more balanced and/or new style (through the middle, for example).

    I DO NOT have MR/ML or a Second ST worth having on the team. I do have a good AMC player though.

    I thought about 4-2mc-3W-1. Would it be an improvement? Or would you recommend getting a second good ST and go 4-3N-1-2 ?

    To sum up, i veen playing though the flanks since the beggining and i dont quite like how my matches are developed or the goals oportunities that are generated through that system.

    Thanks a lot for the insight!

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    I understand your frustration because I have been playing 4-5V-1 for many seasons and I got bored of it. Start of the season I experimented with 3-4-3 Chelsea style but was not satisfied with the result. Now I'm using a version of 4-2-3w-1 with some satisfying results. The formation is set kinda like a false 4-4-2 with the AMC close to the ST area and the AML/R down the line. Most goals in this game are scored by AML/R/C so having 3 of them is better than 2 ST in my opinion.