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Thread: Need a HIgh win against 4-2MC-3W-1

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    Need a HIgh win against 4-2MC-3W-1

    Please, I need a tactics to win high against my opponent who played 4-2MC-3W-1, while I had a formation of 4-1-3W-1-1. This formation always wins for me, except for the last match I played - the 1st leg. I lost 2-0 at home. I need a 3-0 away win to quality. I am 5% stronger. I usually play attacking, through the middle, counter on, mixed passes, High press, zonal marking, hard tacking and offside on and i usually win. Unfortunately I lost my last match. Someone should come to my rescue please. My match is in 4 hours time...please

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    no counter, mix passing better, put another player instead of the 2nd DC
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