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Thread: Selling players

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    Selling players


    I have another problem with game. Somewhere I found information, that it is good to sell high quality players before the end of the season. Reason is to get easier in cup and Champions League, but is it still working like that? If yes how important is to do that, should I consider selling all the best players and buying new squad at the begining of new season? What about fast trainers? If it is working like that I guess I should wait with buying new fast trainers to the begining of new season. Is it worth to do that or should I buy another fast trainer and make him lose 1 star, because I may have problems with money to buy fast trainer in Lvl 2?

    Thanks for answers!
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    It's not about selling your best players,if you want to know how to do it,you must read carefully this thread (from post #242 it's updated)
    otherwise you not gonna do it properly.

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