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Thread: France tour mini guide

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    France tour mini guide

    This is the 4th tournament in one country after UK, Germany and Spain.
    We can say that Germany and Spain were the same as France.
    First I want to say that a "normal" team cannot complete those tours no matter how good is the manager
    because it's a matter of luck which increasing game after game for the home teams.
    It's like playing Russian roulette for 10 rounds. At some point you 'll get it in your head
    If you see here or in some fb groups posts with of winning the tour, it's from 3 cases.
    - When someone has a full mutant players team so when playing vs stronger opponents, the game recognize the white skills of mutants and gives an advantage
    - When someone has a very strong team, with quality of 150-160% or above (usually from tanking or being in the top of the server and repeating the lv)
    In that case, the last strong cities have also a higher quality but with not so wide difference (a team with 160% playing vs Paris, the 10th city, with 180%).
    - When someone has a reserve team with very low quality (abandoned with 2-3* players). He activates this team, building a 90-100% squad and has good chances vs Paris with a 90-100% quality.

    So how a normal team can play ? What are the targets and the strategy ?

    In that tour, your first target is to play and win the the 4th city (Toulouse) and get 2 tokens and the 1st jersey.
    You can do it with the first try but if you get a bad result, try again with the free entry.
    The 2nd target is to play and win at Nice, the 7th city and get the 2nd jersey, few greens and a free player 5-7* (90% of the cases it's a 5* not young player but you can use him for your bench and sell him for some money - good money for higher levels).
    If you did that, then go for the 8th city, Lyon, to get 40 tokens.
    (This is were I get, won Lyon, lost the next and stopped)
    This really needs a lot of luck so after this, not much left to play with St Etienne or the 10th, Paris.

    If you have done with the free entrance tickets, stop playing or maybe try for one tokens entrance but no more.
    After that, you loose playing the tour.

    Few basics things (only tips)

    Main formations
    A) 4-5-1 V
    B) 4-1-1-AML/C/R-ST (if you have a better AMC instead of MC)
    C) 3w-1-2MC-AML/C/R-ST
    D) 4-1-4-1 (if you have ML-MR instead of AML-AMR)
    E) 3DC-1DMC-2MC-AML/C/R-ST
    F) 4-2MC-AML/C/R-ST

    If you have a 2nd good ST, you can play with him instead of the AMC
    If you don't have a DMC, you can use a MC with a back arrow or put as DMC.

    1) BRETAGNE I played with C
    2) NANTES .. E
    3) BORDEAUX A,B,C (depending from your good players)
    4) TOULOUSE A with a back arrow in your DMC or a third DC if not have DMC.
    ...You won TOULOUSE ? Congrats, you succeed your primary target.
    Let's see for further
    7) NICE A,B,C
    8) LYON ABC
    9) SAINT ETIENNE like 4)
    10) PARIS - didn't play, lost from St ETIENNE 2-1 and stopped there but I would say A

    It's not so important as in official games because in those games Luck is no1 factor and depends how the game engine will read the scenario and favors your set up (or not).
    That's why you might read comments like "I played Defense ... Attack ...or Normal".
    Avoid offside trap , hard tackling, hard attack or hard defense.
    Use them only as emergency buttons, to reverse a bad result.
    Also start with mix passing and check later.
    You can start with a High pressing and later on (so not to spend too much condition so early) add man to man.
    From the flanks if you have only AML-AMR or mix if you have AMC too.
    Choose the others options and if doesn't work, switch them later.

    Go with a full condition (over 90%) and full 4X10% bonus.
    I prefer a more direct effect so I tab the Defense bonus for start and later Defense or Attack, depending from the score.

    Good Luck
    you 're gonna need it
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