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Thread: Training skills past 180%

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    Training skills past 180%

    There's something I've always wondered about mutant players.

    Does it make a difference to train white skills (or any skills for that matter) past 180%? Will the effectiveness of the skill still increase further with every step of 20% (1 star) or does it cap at 180%?

    Because if that was the case, then 340% Finishing would do the same as 180%; and the "perfect" player of any position would be a 180% quality player with 180% in all 15 skills.

    I know T11 doesn't disclose alot of the hidden mechanics of the game, so maybe we simply don't know if it's continuing to be effective or not, but I hope someone smarter than me can give me some insight. Thanks for your answers

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    Yes it does. 340% is the cap. But it doesn't matter if you have a player with 500% finishing. The game engine will calculate him as 340% on finishing
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