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Thread: There is a contradiction in something I do not understand

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    There is a contradiction in something I do not understand

    1. Always advise on all kinds of tactics and forms of putting players (4-4-2, 4-3-3) that fit specific games, but when I do I don't necessarily notice improvement in all my players squads, and other forms that they don't know and so Balanced I notice a marked improvement, for example, in the defensive squad (in percentage against the opponent), that's what I don't understand. 2. How can it be that when I take down players from the defense, then my attack gets stronger and not when I put a thickened defense squad of 5 for example. Thanks.

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    With your questions, though not worded clearly, I guess you may wish to have a look at the following link to find a suitable formation for your next opponent. In general, your players could have more positions, say ST/AMC, so you can adjust it during matches to maximise their positional effect.

    The team average in attack includes players such as ST, AML, AMC & AMR. Midfield includes ML, MC, MR & DMC. The rest are counted as defenders. Those figures are generally too vague to represent much, as most managers would need to counter the opponent’s formation and tactics specifically.
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