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Thread: Training mr goal keepers.

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    Training mr goal keepers.

    I've got 2 Gks in squad I'm using. I give my players regular recommended number of training sessions and additionally couple of sessions with easy trainings. But how can I train my Gks when I just got a hard level of gk training in the list? Sometimes it's not working when it's included in the session. So how do u guys train your Gks?[/SIZE]

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    GK has 11 white skills, with only fitness being common with all out-field players. Unless you are power-training a FT, usually you would not train fitness as all drills would involve fitness with other unneeded grey skills for GK.

    Just focus on the drills where there are only white skills. It depends on how many drills you have learned, and try to focus first on those drills where it is of a higher level for better efficiency, then the rest when the stronger whites are increasing slowly.

    Eg. Set piece delivery, Wing play, 1-on-1 finishing, GK training, Defending crosses & Hold the line

    If with 1-on-1 stopper SA, 1-on-1 finishing could be best to further boost up anticipation and rushing out; if with PK stopper, GK training could further boost up agility and reflexes.

    Hope it helps.
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    You can try this routine: 1on1 finishing - shooting tech - hold the line - goalkeeper training - set pieces delivery - long run