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Thread: Nordeus explain this super team.

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    Sorry to guys, but spending money on this game, is really a waste of money

    It is like buying a title. So boring

    Without any manager skills you win aal titles.

    Better ti have fun a with good manament win titles without spending money

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    let me explain, it is because the game in its format is not a fair game for all. We are here struggling and yet they care nothing about improving the game to make it fair for all. I will not stop saying it but if and when we are playing against random combinations chosen for us by a computer we will always struggle to answer many of the questions we have, however, having said this if the computer actually strictly stuck by the actual strengths of each team rather than to pick favorites on its own then we would have much fairer outcomes. For example, how does a team like Juventus or Barcelona or Manchester City ETC. almost always never lose in an entire league season and win it? Because they are stronger even by a little. As much as Nordeus claims they want to simulate the reality of football they do not. For example, the game keeps penalizing managers when they promote from one league to the next. Are you kidding? When teams win they get rewarded not penalized. We should not lose percentage when promoting we should stay the same, they ought to have about 5 or 6 leagues at the most where managers promote from league to league, level to level then once a team reaches a prime league they stay there and then qualify for CL and Cup, not every single season and league as it is now, that is not reality. Teams on the promotional leagues should have the first four promoted to a stronger league and keep their % the last four would relegate to the lower league and lose their 20% this would encourage managers to do better and not to tank their teams this would also avoid people as you state to build up super teams. The teams that remain in the league for not promoting or relegating can then continue to improve the team and try to promote the next season. In addition to all these teams who promote, win league and CL and Cup should win tokens and boosters in various amounts as it is in the association besides the money. This would motivate everyone to do better, the way it is now it's just a pay-to-win game, however, the game would still earn maybe more then now if they changed it to this format.
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