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Thread: Trying to train/level up a single player

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    Trying to train/level up a single player

    So hi guys

    Noob here, only been playing a week, in with a chance of winning my first league, have a team ranking of 106% (26)

    I watched a vid on YouTube of some guys spending zillions of green health bits to make a player top ranked from like 3 stars of something

    Anyway got me thinking one of my younger players on just over 5 stars who I really like, scores tons for me great play maker could do with being technically better, increasing his stats

    So I took inspiration from YouTube guy and trained just him, remember I'm a noob so don't have the resources Mr unlimited everything did, so I had about 25 greens left and decided to just train this guy, an attacking midfielder, using warm up, Wing play skill, free kicks, one on one, and all the drills I felt applicable

    Anyway I did about 5-7 training sessions back to back using the greens to heal him to keep him going, i did a before and after screen shot of all his individual stats

    Anyway upshot is he didn't increase anything, at all!

    Even when the taking was happening, you know when you're doing that one exercise and the +2% dribbling or fitness stat pops out when you're doing a normal training, this didn't happen once, not one single time

    So I wasted like 25-30 greens using the exact training skills an attacking midfielder would utilise and it didn't work, nothing happen, and even during there was not one single + stat that popped up

    I balanced the exercises well I thought, attacking, some warm ups, even one defending type one, and nothing at all happened during the training or to his stats after

    Where did I go wrong? Is there a method for training a single player I should be employing?

    Even if I just did random drills 5-6 in a row surely one single thing would get a 1% upgrade

    I like the idea of training up single players, but not sure I'm clear on the concept or literal application either

    So where did I go wrong and any tips for the future?
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    I suggest to you, to follow this excel template to train your team, and your players, you can read the comment to understand the whole training approach
    and just a recommendation, try to follow manager here in the forum, they give a good advice
    good luck
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