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Thread: Love it when it happens like that

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    Love it when it happens like that

    Before uploading the screenshots, I'd like to mention my feeling for the result - players were at 65-70% condition.
    It seems it does matter, since I couldn't get enough time to "heal" them. Or, maybe it's a troll result, not certain as of yet.
    My mentality at that match was :
    Started Normal till the first goal, then switched to defensive.

    Down both flanks, later switched to mixed, after the first goal, and motivated MC ( arrow up ).

    Mixed passes with possession bonus. Switched to short after the goal, again with Possession.

    Counters - ON. I know it's a mistake, when using Possession, but it works for me ( 48 matches unbeaten, 45 wins ).

    Pressing - Low
    Tackling - Normal
    Marking - Always Zonal, I find it better, and flexible
    Offside - OFF

    Possession bonus should not be used when playing defensive, some will say. Yes, I would agree, since the idea behind the Counterattacks is to intentionally GIVE the ball, in order to steal it back, so a counterattack can occur.

    His mentality was :
    No counters

    High pressing
    Normal tackling
    MtM marking
    Offsides - ON
    Yes, I know because I see how his team was moving across the field.
    Now, the screenshots, and the question : Where did I made a mistake, why the red card ( DC+DMC 106%, regularly trained 19y.o. ). Morale was very good, not superb, but very good to every player. Should I try 4-5-1 flat, 4-1-4-1, 4-4-2, or should I try again with 4-5-1V ( I have another DMC, weaker, but will do the job )
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-133957.jpg   Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-134004.jpg   Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-134015.jpg   Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-134022.jpg   Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-134028.jpg  

    Love it when it happens like that-screenshot_20210629-134035.jpg  
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