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Thread: The best advice you can give a new player

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    Exclamation The best advice you can give a new player

    Do you know what the best advice to give a new T11 player is?

    Training Excel spreadsheets? No.

    How to allegedly find "fast trainers"? No. But here's how as a tip for players, new and old, who still care: Fast trainers are players who haven't been extensively trained before and who acquire a higher-than-average number of skill percentages when you train them with your template/testing training session. So, yes, no one can fully identify or confirm them before actually owning and testing them. And as an extra piece of advice, they really don't matter that much anyway; just care about getting rid of slow trainers, ideally by "selling them now" so you don't dump trash on other players -- cash will soon not matter that much anyway and it's all about kits and tokens. Otherwise, average to fast trainers who have the right star levels, positions, and/or special abilities are more than fine.

    Never cap your players' condition by training them once or twice per day but simultaneously keep your starting ones above 80% -- ideally above 90% -- for matches? Duh, that's obvious, but whatever, no.

    The best advice you can give a new player is actually this:

    Never, ever apply the "first special ability" ... "reward" from the top (free) row of the Special Sponsor on anything but a trash or disposable player, because that is not actually a reward. It is a randomly assigned ability, and it is how the devs can potentially destroy your best players' potential by probably giving a striker the "Corner Specialist" very, very "special" ability or giving your best DC with the lowest Shooting in your team the "Free-kick Specialist" ability and so on. Literal trolling, basically.

    This is also how Nordeus sadistically punishes its paying customers, after getting them used to picking the special ability that they want from various rewards, they give them this "reward" so that they can go on and apply it to their star player, for example, thinking that they will be able to pick the special ability, only to receive a randomly assigned one.

    The icing of the cake here is how Nordeus words the tooltip of this reward. There is absolutely no indication that it is a randomly assigned special ability. They even word it by saying, "You will get THE first Special Ability ..." very effectively misleading you into thinking that you can choose it, instead of, for example, saying "You will get [a] Special Ability for 1 player of your choice who doesn't have one," or even better, "You will get a RANDOM Special Ability for 1 player of your choice," which will be crystal clear. But no, Nordeus would rather mislead and destroy their paying customers' best players instead.

    In fact, that's how I decided to quit the game after this season. I spent a lot of money on this game and got used to picking Special Abilities from the various events and rewards. Then, I picked this free "reward" from the top row of the Special Sponsor days ago for my young legendary striker, whom I wanted to prepare for a One-on-One and Free-kick combo. I picked the reward and picked him, thinking I'll choose One-on-One, then got almost literally punched in the face by Nordeus when I saw them apply Corner Specialist to him, ultimately and effectively destroying him for me forever ... or at least until devs with brains allow players to delete special abilities or at least design the "rewards" as real rewards rather than the ultimate punishment and trolling of their paying customers. I swear, I'm not even exaggerating, I felt a knot in my stomach when I saw Corner Specialist utterly destroying my young legendary striker, because of all the money and time I spent on him, and all the money and time I put into the game generally only to be punched in the face and screwed that way by the game-design choices of Nordeus.
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    The best advice is... RUN AWAY!!!
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    Yeap. Today i bought "one time offer" it says you can add playstyle of your choice. F*CK NO! I could choose just player without playstyle and i got immediately fkin random ps that i dont need cuz it do not work for position where my player is. Unfortutanately he had 2 positions. DR and DC. I needed for Dr position. **** i got robbed

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