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Thread: Know your opponent tactics easily!

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    Lightbulb Know your opponent tactics easily!

    You won't loose a cup final anymore and you won't loose to those smaller teams anymore!

    So how is it done? By checking only 2 previous matches of your opponent you can know...
    1) The side they use to attack (Left, Right, middle or both sides)
    2) Passing style (short, long or mixed)
    3) Passing focus (attacking/ defending)

    Check the matches they played recently between teams that are higher rated and lower rated.

    Check the possession at the end of the game below 50% win or loss or draw means the team could probably be playing defensive style and long passing. Defensive meaning they play to force counter.

    Check their passing completion lower than 80% could mean they play using long balls 80% and above mean they play short passed hence the high completion percentage.

    Finally the attacking areas with the most attacks when you notice in your opponent previous matches they use one part of the field more in attacking or both sides this can help you tell if they play attacking from both sides right left or center.

    Small bonus: Number of shots attempted can also tell us if they are an attacking team or not.

    With this you can know how to arrange your team against opponents especially if you're as committed as Pep.

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