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Thread: Please i need advice on tactics for these formations

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    Please i need advice on tactics for these formations

    I am playing against a team tomorrow I had a really hard time in the first leg and at home, I tied 1-1 after leading 1-0 all game and got tied in minute 82. It was rainy though and my team does not play well in rainy weather. Tomorrow's match will be in ideal but I am playing away. The other team's quality is 110 % mine is 117% so we are close. They play with a 4-2-3-1 DR-DC-DC-DL MC MC AML AMC AMR ST

    I am going with a 4-1-2-2-1 DR-DC-DC-DL DMC MC MR AML AMR ST I need to know the right tactic to play against him. By the way, my team almost always loses when I play defensive or normal but I was thinking this time to try NORMAL-DOWN BOTH FLANKS -MIXED PASSES-OR SHORT -NORMAL TACKLING, MAYBE EVEN EASY BECAUSE THE LAST TIME I GOT BURNED ON A FREE KICK that's how they tied it. LOW PRESSING-COUNTER ON-OFFSIDE TRAP OFF ZONAL MARKING

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