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Thread: Q & A - Associations [Please Read]

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    Lightbulb Q & A - Associations [Please Read]

    Because I've seen some managers already started to open some threads because they can't find some simple information about the new feature Associations I made a thread with the most popular questions so far.

    Question: How can I leave an Association?
    Answer: To leave an Association, simply go to your Association Overview ( my Association > Overview), open Members tab and click the icon you will see next to your name. Members who take part in Tournaments can't leave an Association until the Tournament is finished.

    Question: My players will lose condition or moral?
    Answer: Your players will recover after Tournament matches so you don't need to worry about condition or injuries, they will be exactly in the same condition and state they were before association matches. You will see your players' condition going down as usual during Associations Tournament matches, but after the match the level will return to the exact state it was at before.

    Question: What condition and moral my player will have when the tournament game will start.
    Answer: Players will enter the game in the same exact condition and moral they currently have, and after the match they will keep having the same exact condition level.

    Question: Can we win some rewards with the Associations?
    Answer: Yes, there are more rewards that you can win from boosters to tokens. More details you can find here.

    Question: When we can play in the tournament?
    Answer: In normal weeks (not end of Season weeks), Tournaments happen in Saturday and Sunday. uring the last week of the Season, Associations Tournaments will happen one day before: Semi-finals in Friday and Finals in Saturday, to avoid the kind of problems you mentioned (players out of contract, players losing stars, etc).

    Question: Can I join more Associations?
    Answer: The answer is no! You can be only in one Association.

    Question: How many substitutions I can make per game?
    Answer: Is same like for all official games. Only 3 substitution per game.

    Useful thread and pages

    Official -
    Official - Associations special forum category
    Official - Associations Support Page

    Unofficial - More information about Associations

    If you have more suggestions for this thread, please contact me on PM. Thank you!

    Updated: February 6th 2019
    As loans are no more available the questions regarding this feature have been removed.

    Regarding the Update from February 3 2019 -

    Main rules regarding Rewards and Tie Breaks:

    Rewards Conditions

    From the upcoming season starting on Feb.3rd, you’ll only be able to collect Associations division rewards at the end of the season if:

    1) Your team gets promoted to a higher League level.
    2) You’ve participated in all four tournaments with the same Association.
    3) You didn’t leave/join/change Associations after the kick off of the first tournament on the 5th day of a Season.

    A Manager should satisfy all conditions in order to be eligible for their division rewards. Rewards are distributed individually. If you have a FA member who didn't promote, your rewards won't be impacted.

    Keep in mind that all changes in members of FAs should happen ahead of the first tournament during the first week of the season. Any leaving and joining after that would eliminate a Manager’s possibility of earning FA rewards.


    Tie-break rules for each tournament will be changed. If two FAs have the same amount of points, the tie-break rules will be as follows:

    1) Goals scored during finals.
    2) Away goals during finals.
    3) Total goals scored during the tournament
    4) Total away goals scored during the tournament
    5) A fewer number of yellow/red cards.
    6) Total Associations points.
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