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Thread: Looking for platinum

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    Looking for platinum

    Hi guys, any offer for an asso which is constantly playing in platinum?

    I am loyal and would finish the season in my current asso anyways. We used to be in platinum, but since 1-2 seasons our activity broke down, and not sure that there is an interest to solve it. I will speak with my partners though. Looks like we will stuck in gold 1.

    So I could have an easy life with 50t a season, but looking for a really good asso, where everyone should be active, else its not worth for me.

    I begin my seasons with something over 100% (dunno if it matters much, as the draw adapts to the srength if I get it right). More intetesting, that I have very low grey skills and win mostly 2-3 titles as well as 99% of asso games (cuz of grey skills, bonus always 40%, good players chemistry, luck etcpp).

    So let me know if someone has a spot for me.

    And yes, kick off times should be friendly to gmt+1 where I live.
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    Hello! Looking for a member association to which they belong. Conditions to be part of this association are:
    - the average quality of the lot to be above 110%
    - minimum 32% bonus
    - be active: to offer training bonuses always, to watch matches and of course, active chat.

    All association members comply with the above conditions.
    The association name is Dream Team and has code: #9PDQJ8.
    We play in GOLD 1 and have 1175 points.

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    Hihi, I appreciate a lot your enthusiasm, but your copypasted answer doesnt fit with my request

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    Asso found most likely (if something happens, I post here)
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