Hello my name is Mihnea Condescu, I'm 19 years old and I started playing this game in 2012. I really love this game and i just rememberd about if a few weeks ago. Since then I've been active every single day and I really enjoy playing it, and I'm looking for some associations to join.
-I'm gonna be active. I'm playing everyday.
-I will make sure my team will be 100% ready for all the games.
-All my training bonuses will be together 32+ or above.
-I'm friendly, kind and I really look forward for the next years to become one of the best at this game.

I have 2 account:

1. Level 16 - Team rating 96.8%
2. Level 11 - Team rating 80% but will go up to 90+

Thank you. I'm really looking forward to meet some nice and friendly people and enjoy this game together.