Hi managers,

we have an association - I founded it on the very first day this functionality has been launched - because I love this game and want to use every feature it offers. At this very beginning, I found five managers, and we started to win and promote.

Since that time, many things have changed, but one essential thing has remained and will NEVER change. At this very beginning, I stated our clear goal: to get to platinum and to stay there. And this apparent goal is something which has not changed and which will never change.

After some time, we established a very stable team of dedicated, loyal, active managers, who are willing to work on their teams, who try to improve themselves continuously, and who are prepared to invest their time to the game. We soon promoted to Platinum, and with just a few exceptions we have been playing it. In the last season two of our members have become inactive, and decided to retire, so we demoted do Gold and created 2 new spots. This season we will definitely promote back to platinum.

Therefore, if you are a dedicated manager who loves the game, who wants to win every match, who wants to be successful, who wants to learn more every day, who wants to discuss the tactics, who seeks to get the newest know-how and to share his experience, don't hesitate to contact us.

Maybe you currently play in the association, but maybe you are not 100% convinced its members are 100% dedicated. Maybe you do not see the focus or dedication of your captain or co-captain. Maybe you are not sure how the future will look like. Maybe you can imagine a different approach, maybe you would expect a different approach, maybe you ask your teammates to show a different approach - and you do not see any change. Maybe you start being frustrated. Maybe you just do not trust the future.

Then - take a decision, quit your current unsatisfactory job, and join us.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. Or come and take a look - Night Attackers, #L2PNXY. We play our home games at 11PM GMT+1 - and it is essential that you may be present at that time.