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Thread: Project: World Community Ranking - Circuit of Community tournaments

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    Project: World Community Ranking - Circuit of Community tournaments

    -concept/ideas/points to consider

    -To make it easy and accessible, and keep the integrity of each community, which may cover a limited area, language, etc
    If we do a tournament that is part of the Circuit, it will be administrated in a separated group only dedicated to administrate the competition in particular.
    We don't want to bring the same 25K managers to absolutely all communities and this Circuit shouldn't cause moderation troubles.

    -The idea is to create a KNOWN CIRCUIT OF COMMUNITY TOURNAMENTS and based in the ATP TENNIS RANKING we will assign points to each tournament depending on some criterias like:
    -Closed/limited tournaments that only cover a specific language and have entrancy restrictions, like the group of a particular country, will be considered of lower rank.
    -Anti Tanking, Upselling, Anti Manipulation Rules like those who affect negative %s and Academy sources that may allow managers when paying or exploiting the game, to have a FIXED result by fixing the margin by default, so, meaning that in all previous cases the only existent intentionality is to prevent a competitive game by fixing the beatability margin in a distance that can only be overcomed by forcing everyone to use the same exploit, any rule regulating this and fostering a close and fair game, will have a Value for the tournament.

    (later we can add some tips to tackle the main mentioned exploits that can make a unfair tournament and we should remind that if the game have a new exploit during a tournament and its used with the intention to get an advantadge the administrations should apply a proportional punishment)

    -We will assign 3 or 4 Categories/Rankings on the tournaments:
    -Grand Slams
    -Masters 1000
    -Masters 500
    -Maybe Masters 250 for smaller groups/minor challanges

    -Since the competitions have limited spots by default, and the idea and the main target of this ranking, is not to have a manager playing every season in the same "Grand Slam" so earning points from the same source, we will count points obtained from a tournament only for once, this means that a manager will be able to earn points from a Tournament only the First time that participates, so to try to promote the "whole Circuit of tournaments" and to obtain a winner earning points from many different available tournaments.

    -A Grand Slam may be Specifically created for the Top 16 in the middle of the Circuit Season (that will last for 6 seasons based in the Official Managers Association Legislatures) so we may have private tournaments (all the circuit but, will be mainly based in a Open Known Circuit concept, excluding the tournaments that belong to small groups which are limited and only cover a small region/community intentionally, these will be Closed/Private competitionsm and Exclusive Competitions/Challanges for the Top Ranked Occasionally)

    -The Circuit Season will last for 6 seasons where managers will be able to complete tournaments and add points, to finally obtain a final ranking with a seasonal winner.

    To continue...
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    The pointing system will not reward first rounds to prevent people from joining 50 tournaments and losing 48 by forfeited score just to earn extra points.-

    A tie break criteria will be regulated to undo a posible tie, it will be based on the GD earned in the finals of higher category tournaments.