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Thread: please tell me the reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Data Fa Ker View Post
    I am not good in english and i didn't understand any word
    Nothing to understand. Just know this: THIS GAME SUCKS ASS!!!
    What ever you do, you'll lose if the game decides you should lose.
    Over the course of a week I had about 10 injuries, i healed almost all of them then I GOT 3 PLAYERS INJURED IN THE SAME GAME!!! It was a CL game and I lost it to a team far inferior to mine. And they used an illegal formation too!!!
    Today I play another game, i use counter formations againts a team that is also wekaer than me and... I lose 3:0!!! And the guy didn't even watch the game!
    F*ck you nordeus, you're not extorting any more money from me! F*ck off and d*e, you greedy c*nts!
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    I understand people complaining about stuff like that. Now i've lost 2 games to bot players this week and i really dont understand why somethig like this can be possible. Let me explain why i see it that way:

    1. A Bot player gets no possession bonuses
    2. "" "" can't sub injured players or change system due to yellow/red-red cards
    3. "" "" usually has a team avaraging around 3 stars (in my league)

    Well my team avarages 4-5 stars and has some special skills too. So whats the deal?
    My team had even higher ratings in avarage after these games which confuses me. 80% possession usually.

    The only thing i've figured so far is that i can't really tell what I CAN DO to keep results like that
    at a minimum. And now seriously aint that the solid base for beeing able to improve on a game?
    As long as Nordeus doesn't provide us with possibilities to improve our gameplay in an at least ok-way
    I see no reason to buy tokens (and thus support nordeus for their work). But like in most of the games similar
    to this one it feeds of stupid ppl who pay a bunch of $$ to get their improvement.

    "Why should we provide you with improvement for free if we can charge $$!"
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