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Thread: Please, I want to solve the problem

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    Please, I want to solve the problem

    Do not enter the game from your computer or mobile phone, but I find this letter /

    oops it seems like there is a problem with connection to server . server might be down for maintenance please try again later . if the problem persists you can find more information at our forum .

    Please, I want to solve the problem

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    I had this problem twice, I logged out and tried to come back some minutes later. It worked!
    This problem usually lasts for less than 2hours.

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    server side issues, i too am seeing a lot of these and playing as anonymous
    clearing browsing cache and stuff wont really help here, so the only advice i can give is to just keep refreshing until you can make it through. usually on my 3rd refresh i can make it, if not ill just try again some other time
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