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Thread: connection lost while bidding

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    connection lost while bidding

    While bidding on a player (thus using tokens) the connection with the game (not the internet connection of my phone, I still received emails and such) halted; I could only logg back in a few minutes later.

    I lost the bidding, and my tokens (for which I paid real €€€) with that action. Is there any way I can get a retoken or refund?

    I can't imagine why I couldn't, since any problems regarding connection with the game server while my internet connection functions don't fall under any scope of my personal responsability.

    Thank you (users but off course game devolpers) very much for a how to.connection lost while bidding-screenshot_2014-07-03-23-21-18.jpg

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    Try putting in a detailed request at Nordeus Support to see if they will refund. Include any screenshots you have pertaining.

    When bidding it is a good idea to have all other apps that access the internet/use memory off.
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