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Thread: Offline injury substitution

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    Offline injury substitution

    A couple of times in the last 2 seasons the following has happened to me, my midfield left player is injured and has been auto substituted with a midfield centre player, even though my Auto subs and the subs available for the game include a midfield left player.

    Any ideas why this should happen.

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    yep, I writted to the support coz have same problem, and they said that know about it...

    when u do the subs'... the new player, is in the field, and one can not cancel the substitution... so if, who you substitute is injured, just after do the substitution... thats = you can not use the 2 players,,,, coz can not move the player that is in the field to another position or do something.... just is invisible.
    bascally is something erroneous of the game, a fail.... that sometimmes happen.... :/

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    the auto subs system needs work. Basically the slots are an order. So the first person in each auto sub slot gets subbed in first, no matter the position.

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