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Thread: Cup game bug, mysterious goals during opened pop-up-window for changing formations

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    Cup game bug, mysterious goals during opened pop-up-window for changing formations

    Hello everybody,
    today was my Cup-rematch, where I found a bug (if it is).
    First of all: The first of the two matches was at his stadium, and we played 1-1. I had no prize money for my team, weaker players and I played a standard 4-42 vs a standard 3-4-3. I was fine with the result.
    The second match (rematch at my stadium today) was a really unrealistic 2-2. The thing is, that I had a hard leading until I wanted to change some players (at the 70' minute, because it wasn't even a close match until then, he had nearly no chances, I was completely dominating the game and I wanted to let some weaker players get some experience now, I even thought it's gona be a 3-0 or 4-0 at the end, I had already a 2-0 lead and lots of chances... he had nearly 0, as I said). So when I was changing my formation, the options and the players in the pop-up-window, somehow my enemy shot directly 2 goals in 2 minutes. Also in the end, the information says, he had a bit more goal chances than me... I never read anything about even one goal-chance in the comment-area. His attacks were always stopped by my defense-players, only one time by my goalkeeper!!
    Also my enemy isnt even very active anymore (he wasnt online at both matches, while I was), he is completely failing in his league, so he won't even get promoted next season. His team values the half of mine, he hasn't a single scout, he hasn't a single special ability in his team... all in all, I would say his team is average. Compared to that, I would say my team is 3x better than his team. Here some information:

    The match overview, with the mysterios flashing goals of him:

    The statistics overview, which mysteriously says, he somehow suddenly had 9 goal-chances, me just 7:

    My team after I changed the formation and players and tactics:

    His team during the whole match:

    Fans Overview, I think that says it all:

    The Cup overview:

    Our teams compared:

    His team overview:

    My team overview, and my formation at the beginning of the match during 70' minute:

    My formation during the 70' minute:

    I think, it is quite clear to see, which of our teams is naturally in such a better position. Still I lost the rematch... I even set 75% of the maximum prize money. Normally, he would NEVER beat my team under normal conditions, here he did while the pop-up-window for chaning formations, players and tactics was opened).
    I seriously don't care about the exact results, but I would really appreciate it to get promoted to the next round of the cup, and it would be great if that bug will never appear again.

    If I am wrong in anything, please feel free to correct me. But in my eyes, he should have never played 2-2 in the rematch under normal conditions... we were already playing at his stadium, so he had an advantage, and my team still proofed much better. But suddenly he has 2 goals, from one second to the other... he didnt had any goal chances before, his team played really ****ty... suddenly he gets 2 goals within 2 minutes (I dont even think, thats possible... usually goals can only happen at least every 3 minutes, right?)

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    Its not a bug, its Top Eleven. The reason things like this happen is because teams can get upset in real life, so they have to make it so even very bad teams can still somehow win. Finally how was the condition of your players before the match?

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    Things like this happen. I lost my 2nd Round Cup tie this season after I lost my 1st Leg 1-3 at Home, but I came back in the 2nd and Won 3-1. However, as we were tied 4-4 on Aggregate, Extra Time was needed to get a winner. Unfortunately for me, it was the opposition who got lucky, and in the 115th min of ET scored and won 5-4 on Aggregate. Sure, I still won 3-2, and I was clearly the more dominant team, but the opposition got lucky and were able to win. The player that scored the winner; that was his first shot on goal in the game and it was his first ever goal in the Cup, as far as his Statistics are concerned. Something similar happened a few games later. I was playing a Champions League Group Game the other day and I had a 5-1 lead in the 70th min. Within 10 mins, the opponent scored 3 times. Even though they had fewer chances and were of lower quality, they still managed to rifle in 3 goals, one after the other, with no problem. This really annoyed me, as this should never have happened, as my Keeper is 51 and his players weren't even 45. Yes, I still won 5-4, but these things happen in real life too. I'm not sure if you watch the English Premier League, but last season, Crystal Palace came back from being 3-0 down at HT, and drew 3-3 with Liverpool. In 2005, Liverpool did the same thing against AC Milan in the Champions League Final; 3-0 down at HT, drew 3-3 and won on Penalties. My point is, things like this happen and while it does indeed suck, there's nothing you can do about it, upsets are a part of Football, you just got to accept that and move on.