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Thread: Removing facebook from top eleven - help!!

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    Removing facebook from top eleven - help!!

    Hi, I am now on level 8 and I just connected facebook to Top Eleven to see what it would be like.. I tried to remove it by first going on my laptop to facebook and removing Top Eleven from there but that didn't help, so I logged out of facebook on my phone but then I had to sign in to it to get into Top Eleven. I don't like my facebook name, picture, friends etc being connected to the game. Is there anyway to get it back to the way it was, If not I'll need to wait for my team to get deleted!!

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    I would send a request to Nordeus Support for help with that.

    Since the original Team is attached to your phone, keep in mind it's not as conveniently portable as the one attached to FB (which can be logged into on many machines)

    To get to the one on the phone you could try deleting the app's saved data and stopping all facebook processes and then try opening the T11 app, but Support might have a better answer. They work normal business hours, and season start is busy, so give them time to answer.
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