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Thread: Error on generating on Same league with my friend

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    Error on generating on Same league with my friend

    we can see each other in friendlist but we couldnt support each other games. or view each other fixtures at friend fixture.
    both Account spent some amount for token
    dissapointed towards this
    can u help us to solve it out?
    1) cant see each other fixture nor cant support or views friend match
    2) will never auto generate in the same league even always have the same level for manager (only 4 friend in same league this season)
    3) friend's fixture doesnt have his fixture
    4) Do not have match pop up like usual show that your particular friend "xxx" vs "yyy".

    Last but not least if is coincidence cant randomly generate into same league BUT i cant even view his game OR through the pop up box for showing his match gonna start soon etc and also his fixtures

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    That is pretty simple. you and your friend have the same level, spent some tokens that's nice but to answer your question, you can't see and support your friend because you and him are not on the same server, you can send him gifts but you can't support him in games.
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