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Thread: estou perdendo meus pontos de habilidades

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    Question estou perdendo meus pontos de habilidades

    Dear administrators of Top Eleven


    Recently I've noticed I'm missing my point of skills and I am unable to put manually. I have checked and there was an update when login the game on mobile skills are placed automatically, so I'm not accessing a while the game by mobile phone, as I prefer to put the same skills in the players, but I noticed that is notIt is awarded automatic points and my skills are fading. As soon as I enter the game you never have skill points to put and my players do not evolve for more stars. I'm having to put my skill points every time my game is over, but the other day not already have them anymore. What may be happening to my account?

    Gabriel Jordan
    Wating for answers

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    Have you tried logging out of the app in settings? I don't mean exiting the app, or closing it, or uninstalling it.
    Settings is gear icon; you might have to scroll down on the left to see & click on log out button.

    I use both pc and app, and do not have issues with it auto assigning if I have logged out from the app itself. I have tried this on several teams and for varying lengths of time between desktop and app, and when I go back to desktop the points accrue and stay until I assign them.
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