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Thread: bug in android while match in progress

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    bug in android while match in progress

    hello Nordeus,

    I'm taking 2 minutes to create an issue:

    obs: while in match if you try to make changes and reconsider, the number of changes are remembered and you cannot do changes anymore; best scenario if you have injuries, it is to close the game and let the system make substitutions for you...

    os: android

    steps to reproduce:
    1. be in an official game >>> 3 changes possible
    2. make a change >>> change made
    3. go to tactics and try to make changes (substitute players) but do not save; press cancel
    4. go to match
    5. 3. go to tactics and try to make changes (substitute players); this time save >>> error: to many subtitutions/you are
    out of substitutions...

    hope it'll be fixed in next update

    keep up the good work!!!

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    Thanks Tibi, I already sent this to Nordeus!
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    Can confirm,this happened to me as well.

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    That reminds me a situation that we've seen 2-3 times in the forum, and is that if you select a payer with yellow to sub' and have the 2nd yellow, the player in subs' list is not avaliable to select and be the sub' of another

    That can be solved adding a place called pending subs... with option to cancel these...

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    If I lose connection on Android mobile and have to restart T11 while a match is in progress, when back in the match the Cancel/Save buttons don't appear in the subs screen, so can make the changes but can't save them...
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