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11.53 is the first game of the day I can see right now.
My other teams, in server 192 are ok.
I can view your attachment now.

I think you mean all matches before 11:53 on that calendar day disappeared. My server have no such problem.

However, in case talking about the earliest matches on T11 season day, I just notice no. of early matches is abnormally low.

I checked the friends' fixture lists from yesterday till 31 October for both my accounts. The earliest friends' match time yesterday were 11:19 & 11:22 respectively. Since today, all match times are after 11:30, and there are very very few matches from 11:30 to 12:30. I'm not sure if some fixtures were not displayed, or it's just a coincident. I don't have many T11 "real" friends and so I am aware of this before. FYI, in my timezone, the normal earliest & latest possible match times on a season day are 10:30 am. and 08:30 a.m. respectively.