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Thread: Question about facebook account

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    Question about facebook account

    Hi, i play with one team with the facebook account of my girlfriend. So, problem, we just separate with her. So i create a facebook account now, but i ´d like to keep my team!! I play long time, i don ´t want to begin at level 1, no have strenght for this. So how can i do ? Now separate, don't have password. She is ok i kep my team but not with her password, possible transfer teams facebook account or different password betwee facebook and top 11? If someone have an idea, thanks you

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    Is your ex using her fb ?
    if not, you could change the name of her fb to yours and continue with that.

    Or else, I don't think there can be a "transfer" from one fb account to another.

    if you have good relations and still have access in her account (doing you a favor), one thing you could do is to send TE invitation to your new fb account, then start playing (and being TE friends with your old team) and your old team could send as gifts to your new team , what gear you had (emblems, jerseys).

    At the moment, don't start a new team with the new account.
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