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Thread: FB Multiple Account login (iPhone)

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    FB Multiple Account login (iPhone)

    I used to have an old account which I used from my original FB account. A few months back, after being prodded on by few of my friends, I rejoined Top Eleven after creating another FB account.

    I have the Top Eleven app downloaded on my phone and after checking this thread ( , I had successfully managed to use Top Eleven with my new FB account. However today with T11 open on my PC, I had mistakenly opened T11 from my phone and had logged out. Now even after following the above procedure, the team from my old account is opening even with my new account logged in.

    I have done everything from re-installing both T11 and FB but the problem persists.

    Please help.

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    if you go to log out button and start over, it want's you to write the mail and the password. You write which of those two you want and continue.
    From my tablet, that doesn't work that way.
    I must go to the fb, disconnect and connect with my other account and then I go back in the game and make log out/in.
    Maybe it works that way ?
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